Tech News

Having been temporarily incapacitated and unable to work this week I have decided that the site needs a news blog area. From where I’m sat it’s fairly opportune timing too –  2016 promises to be an extremely important year for the future of technology in so many ways.

The biggest thing in the Tech world so far in 2016 is the security issue. I call it an issue, because that’s exactly what it is – it’s one hell of an issue for anyone with secrets to keep, it’s and an issue for anyone wanting to uncover them too. There has already been some chest thumping by some of the big players, most notably Apple and the FBI; whom were stuck in a legal dispute over Apple’s refusal to unlock an Iphone 5c owned by a terrorist, while WhatsApp just this week made good its promise on end to end encryption.

If you have seen the news articles and simply shrugged them off while thinking to yourself ‘I don’t do anything wrong so it doesn’t matter to me; why don’t they just unlock the guys damn phone?’, chances are you don’t appreciate the magnitude of what the FBI were asking. Would it affect you? Absolutely!

All things considered then…. I’m going to give you the low down on security; what it means to those in the industry, what it means to businesses, and most importantly what it means to you!