Whether your phone has been swimming, or your Macbook has a backlight issue, we can help.

Many repair shops aren’t equipped to deal with an iPhone full of toilet water, or a Mac that decided it really wants to be a paperweight. Equipment and tools are expensive and the skills required to take on such work are incredibly specialised. It doesn’t mean you need to throw that device away though – we can help.

Like surgeons for your electronics, we use accurate schematics and precision equipment to painstakingly fault find, diagnose, and perform board level repair on your device – breathing new life into devices that you thought had gone to iHeaven. HDMI port replacement on your games consoles, Micro USB port replacement on your mobile phone, and even backlight issues on your iPad all require micro soldering expertise.

The process starts with a quick inspection under the microscope for any glaring issues. From there the PCB (printed circuit board) is treated to a thorough clean in an ultrasonic cleaner and a bath in some alcohol before a thorough drying. With the initial cleaning process out of the way, the real work begins – component level diagnostics and repair. Once complete, the PCB is treated to the same ultrasonic cleaning to remove any flux used in the repair process, and another bath in alcohol before being dried off and reassembled.

Sometimes even repair shops get it wrong, but when they do, we are here to support them. Occasionally things get damaged when doing things like changing a screen or fitting new a new battery. Damaging a connector isn’t the end of the world anymore. Yes, your customer is going to be inconvenienced by being without their device a while, but not as inconvenienced as being without it permanently. Maybe you just don’t want to keep sending away all those customers whom you don’t have the ability to help – so send it to us.

Please remember to include the info form and package all repairs well. The more detailed the description of the issue the better, and as soon as we have a diagnosis we will call you with a quote for the work. Please bear in mind that there aren’t many people able to offer these services, and so turnaround times vary from two days to six weeks during busy periods or when parts are difficult to source. If there is an acute need for a speedy repair, please contact us first and we may be able to expedite things.